Deniway select®

Industries:Intralogistic, Material Handling, Conveying, buffering & AGV, Material Handling and Conveying

deniway® plate chain conveyor — variante of the deniway®

Denipro Deniway Select buffering

deniway® select as well as deniway® is a plate chain conveyor based on rollers and has a modular design. With its locked rubber-coated rollers an incline up to 15 degrees is possible.


Together with Ferag AG and WRH Marketing AG, Denipro forms part of a powerful network of companies – Walter Reist Holding AG.

Denipro is the main supplier to Ferag, a company producing conveyance and processing systems for the printing industry and a global leader in the field. Since 2008 Denipro has also been supplying companies in the automotive, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, beverages and packaging industries.

More and more customers are discovering the truth of Denipro’s claim, ‘Conveying with ease’. Denipro’s systems enable them to improve flexibility, boost efficiency and save resources.