Industries:Intralogistic, Material Handling, Conveying, buffering & AGV, Material Handling and Conveying
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denimove® ultra-flat conveyor — solution for automotive industries

Higher, overall line speed - significant reduction of assembly lot time - increase of through-put up to 300 % - higer quality of finish - decrease of assembly errors and damages - decrease of health issues of qualified workforce - decrease of accidents and line stops.

denimove® ultra-flat conveyor — minimum rolling friction in heavy-duty sector

denimove® is used by the automobile industry for worker transport. For that reason, the return units are equipped with robust edge protection. In operation, denimove® is distinguished by high process security, while maintenance and downtime are reduced to a minimum. Because of its compact construction, denimove® meets the relevant industrial safety standards and provides workers with an ergonomic workspace.


Just as denirug®, denimove® plastic conveyor is supported on roller bearings. Rolling friction compared to sliding friction produces less resistance and wear and tear. Therefore smaller drives will be installed which need less energy. Nonetheless, the denimove® can still convey high loads.

denimove® comes in a modular design. The selectable drive variations allow for integrated or external drive motors. The integrated motors can be selected for AC or DC current.

The denimove® is available in different widths and lengths. Even in a very long version, it remains impressively flat. denimove® is ideally suited to the transport of heavy loads. The minimum transport height is 120mm. The denimove® ultra-flat conveyor is applied as a people mover or used for unit load coneyor.


Denipro AG is a Swiss company with its headquarters in Weinfelden in the canton of Thurgau. The company, which was founded in 1984, works in the area of chain and gripper technology and produces components for Ferag AG. The company’s outstanding quality awareness provides it with the required expertise for the mass production of know-how parts.