Industries:Intralogistic, Material Handling and Conveying

denirug® heavy-duty support system — rolls instead of slides

Heavy loads are hard to shift. But every rule has an exception. In this case it’s denirug®.

Heavy-duty support denirug® spreads the load on a roller rug. Even pallets or crates that are full to bursting can be pushed over the roller rug with the force of just one single hand. denirug® is also ideal as a gravity conveyor. In driven versions, the motor no longer has to perform to the max. Therefore, energy consumption drops radically. What’s more, rolling friction is kinder to products, whereas sliding friction in modular- and standard-belt conveyors was hard on the products conveyed. And wear and tear are reduced too. In the heavy-duty sector, denirug® taps into new, leaner, previously undreamt-of processes.


Denipro AG is a Swiss company with its headquarters in Weinfelden in the canton of Thurgau. The company, which was founded in 1984, works in the area of chain and gripper technology and produces components for Ferag AG. The company’s outstanding quality awareness provides it with the required expertise for the mass production of know-how parts.