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Glue application systems

Zator is a company that proudly promote Italian products on national market and abroad.
The years of experience led to the choice that characterizes the Zator philosophy: to produce all the parts inside the company.

The production process develops inside Zator, after the mechanical design parts are manufactured using high precision CNC machines, that allow us to produce our standard product range and to develop special systems for customer needs. IGT designs all their products. The technical office, to design and test the pojects uses a 3D CAD software combined with the latest CAM software. Every detail is designed, verified and sent to production for the construction. The technicians are always looking for new material and solutions to improve the quality of products. The parts and components used to assemble our systems are manufactured in our workshop using high precison CNC machine tools. We also produce special parts or modifications required by customers.

IGT checks all our products. All the parts are controlled by high accuracy measurement equipment and tested before being assembled. We sell all over the world. Zator sells its products directly and through agents or representatives in Italy and abroad. Our sales engineers are able to recommend the right product for every application.

Always at your side. The after sales service an integral part of the sales philosophy of Zator, total support from installation to service and maintenance. The technicians of Zator put their experience to customers.

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Igluetech are specialists in all things to do with Robatech® gluieng. Operating in many industries and environments, such as web presses, carton folder/gluers, print finishing, cartoning, and tipping to name but a few. Hot melt or Cold Glue, we've done it.

Igluetech keeps a considerable range of spare parts, including, filters, heaters, sensors, nozzles, modules, electronic parts, and glue guns, all manufactured in the UK or Europe from original source Robatech® suppliers and to original specification, ensuring guaranteed quality and performance.