Pieri Service

Optimizing the performances of a new system supplied by Pieri also depends on the training of the operators. Therefore PIERI offers training session created upon the specific necessity of each client and designed for those who will work on the equipment. The simplicity of the functioning of the system Pieri and the completeness of the documentation supplied, ensure a perfect integration with the operating procedure of ever customer.

The after-sales department offers to its customer the guarantee of being supported for quick and swift resolutions whenever required.

PIERI also proposes various formulas of maintenance (on contract or single intervention) for the system supplied. At the end of the maintenance service, Pieri ensures a detailed feedback on the mechanic devices, electrical and electronics components which represents for the client a valuable aid in regards to the planning of eventual future modifications or replacements.

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PIERI represents in Europe one of the most renowned companies in the design and production of wrapping machines and conveying systems for palletized loads.

Founded in 1973 by Sauro Pieri, company was created to meet the primary need of logistics to protect goods from damage during the handling on pallets and the freight transport. Technical evolution of PIERI machines started from manual pallet wrapping machines, then semi-automatic up to the present fully automatic systems, in the rotating table, arm and ring version, and to the integrated turnkey installations.