DG 106

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The DG 106 high voltage generator is one of the latest discharge generator in the KERSTEN neXt® product family and may be used to supply all KERSTEN neXt® discharge assemblies. It is one of the most compact but also most powerful high voltage generator in its class for electrostatic discharging. Nevertheless, he provides a wide range of technical features.

neXt® – the new product generation which solves electrostatic problems

Based on our experience of more than 35 years in development and manufacturing we provide neXt® , the discharge system which differs from conventional solutions.

Getting the charge ratio balanced with neXt® ...

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KERSTEN has been offering tailor-made system solutions to electrostatic discharge for 40 years and longer. Our many years of experience enable us to assist you in increasing the efficiency and economy of your production processes. Precisely this is our profession and the reason why we are the preferred partner of companies in many sectors of industry worldwide.