Toppy Pharma Advance

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Toppy Pharma Advance pallet inverter can lift and turn loads up to 1000kg. In order to change the pallet, Toppy Pharma Advance pallet inverter lifts the load and turns it 180°. Toppy Pharma Advance pallet inverter can be supplied also for bottom-closed pallet, with a wide base.

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TOPPY began as a producer of machines and trucks for the graphic industry. Since then, whenever a good application was found, other machines were added to the Toppy range, significantly in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and ceramic fields.

Constant growth in technology and output has enabled Toppy to consolidate its position amongst the European leaders in materials handling sector. The Toppy range has been continuously extended and upgraded to satisfy the market and the users’ varied needs. TOPPY can supply pallet turning and pallet changing machines, both mobile and stationary, also pallet trucks, reel lifting machines and logistic systems.